Working Through Fear, Not Around It

Recently I heard the saying, “work through your fear, not around it.”  The irony of the timing is that I was about to face a fear, and I had the choice to back out  or forge ahead and face it head on.

Fast forward to the day that the fear looked like a mountain.  I accepted the invitation by my Chamber of Commerce to represent them and “fly” for the ribbon cutting at an indoor skydiving business.

Indoor skydiving might not unnerve you, but it sure did me!  I have a fear of heights and the thought of “floating” caused me to break out in a sweat and my stomach to knot.

The moment arrived.  I suited up, took the training class, and waited for my turn to enter the powerful room.  As I stood and stepped into the skydiving room my heart raced faster than I ever remember.  The next thing I knew, an instructor took ahold of me and guided me until I was in the proper positive to “float” by myself.  And he stood nearby in case I went off course.

At the end of my time in the wind tunnel, my instructor helped me back to the exit.  And boy did I feel EXHILERATED and so happy that I did it!  I felt on top of the world for having faced my fear and worked right through it.  And when my second turn came, I couldn’t wait to get back in and fly!

Mom skydiving

How does this story relate to owning a franchise business?  Most, if not all, people feel a lot of fear when investing in a franchise. And they are faced with the decision to either work through it — or walk away.  And if they choose to work through it, they have the support of the franchisor, like I had the support of my flight instructor, until they can “fly” on their own.

If you dream of owning your own business, remember that franchising offers you training and support to work through your fear.

Our Clients Train in Denver and Prepare to Open in Boise

Roy and Jospeh Eiguren attended franchise training this week and will open their franchise, Intelligent Office, in a couple of  weeks in Boise, Idaho.

20141009_212431 Since the  Intelligent Office franchise is headquartered in Denver, we had the privilege of spending an evening with Roy and Joe during their training week.


Intelligent Office offers Virtual Office Services, Virtual Office Space, Virtual Assistant Services, and Coworking Space.

To learn more about this franchise opportunity email Cheryl at



Business Plan Outline: A Tool That We Provide to our Clients

The thought of writing a Business Plan – whether it’s for a franchise business or any other business can overwhelm most people!  I know that it did me at first.

If you’re considering investing in a franchise, one of the many tools that we provide to you as a franchise consultant is a Business Plan Outline.  This outline will guide you in the process of creating your success plan.  The outline includes the topics of:

  • Introduction
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Operations
  • Concluding Statement

Interested in a Business Plan Outline?  Email or call us at 303-346-0776.

Franchising Provides a Road Map to Success

When you’re headed someplace new, do you at least look at a map to plan your route?  And now, with Google Maps, we can do this all electronically!

Starting a new business is much easier when you invest in a franchise.  Franchising provides a road map and significantly increases your chances of success.  Believe me, I know since my husband Gregg and I own a franchise with two units, BizCard Xpress Arvada and BizCard Xpress Centennial. (You can visit our website here.)

The old saying is there are only two guarantees in life – unfortunately, neither of them are “You’re guaranteed to be wealthy.” But, what if you had a roadmap that helped you determine a route to your best earning potential?

 Franchising is the system that can provide just that.
Depending on the franchise systems you investigate, some offer a financial statement in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) – also known as an Item 19 – and others provide contact information for existing franchisees for you to gather the earnings information individually. While approximately 20% of franchises offer an Item 19, many great systems can only provide franchisee contact information. 

The franchisees can provide you with a great deal of information on the system and what’s needed for success, but how comfortable are you digging into the business of a stranger? The answer is likely: not very! Thankfully we’re here to help, and assisting you in investigating franchisees’ earnings is just one of the several services we provide to help you understand your earning potential with a franchise system. We can be on the phone with you during your calls and provide you with effective questions that can get you the most valuable information.
In addition, we provide one hour of consultation with a professional accountant to help you review the system and its financial stability. We can also provide a proforma, so you can identify your break even point – how much revenue you’ll need to generate and a sales target outlined before you even purchase your business.
While it’s true, few things in life are guaranteed, preparation and education can come close in making you feel just as secure.

Thanks for Presenting Franchising at Local University

I’ve come to realize that folks who aren’t involved in franchising appreciate learning more about the franchise business world.  I am now passionate about educating others about what a franchise is and how to research franchises.
Gregg and I had the privilege of speaking to a group of students at Colorado Heights University, at the invitation of the Career Development Director.  We prepared a presentation called “Franchise 101″ and shared our franchise story with them.
(Gregg and I were laid off the same day, same hour and chose franchising as the route to take to build a future of financial independence.  We became aware of the insecurity of job security.)
This is what the Career Development Director shared on Cheryl’s LinkedIn page:
Jennifer Joy Manhoff M.A.
Career Development, International Student Specialist and Program Development
J Manhoff

Cheryl came to Colorado Heights University campus to present to our business students on franchising. She was very thorough in her presentation and covered the basics about franchising, the benefits of franchising as an option for entrepreneurs and the process of becoming a franchise owner. Cheryl made herself available to students for further inquiries and was very supportive of their learning process. I could tell that she truly does care about her clients and would help them to make the best decisions according to their situation and personal needs

All in a day’s work as a franchisee

My husband Gregg are not only franchise brokers who help people find the right franchise, we are also franchisees of a system called BizCard Xpress.  We own  BizCard Xpress Arvada and  BizCard Xpress Centennial.

While Gregg does a lot of networking for the business, Cheryl and the BizCard Xpress Centennial manager, Devan Petrero, greatly enjoy networking opportunities.  Here is a picture of Devan and Cheryl at a trade show recently.  (In fact, we traded the event coordinator, The Connconnecting expertsecting Experts, print items for a space at the event.  Awesome!)

Whether you prefer operations or the people and networking side of business, owning your own business can give you a great deal of satisfaction in your community.


A Favorite Franchise: uBreakiFix

One of my favorite concepts as a franchise broker is uBreakiFix.  One of my clients opened one, with my help to investigate the franchisor and determine that it was a good fit,  in California.      uBreakiFix_ventura

What is it?   It is an affordable franchise repairing smartphones, computers, cell phones, and small electronics in a industry with great growth potential.            

With a huge rise in smartphone sales in 2013, the cell phone repair industry revenue is forecast to raise 4.9% per year, and is currently a $4 Billion industry!

1) Do you want to be your own boss and run your very own business?
2) Do you want to help eliminate e-waste, and help your community transform society’s throw away culture?
3) Would you like to be excited about going to work each day, with every day bringing new and exciting challenges?
4) Would you like to see your hard work and effort impact your own bottom line instead of your employers?
5) No one likes breaking their expensive technology; would you enjoy seeing a customer’s face light up after presenting them with a repaired device?
6) Can you imagine wearing shorts every day?
7) Does staying up-to-date with the latest trends in technology sound like exciting work.
8) Are you the person that all your family and friends contact with their technology problems and questions?
9) Would you like the ability to set your own schedule and choose your coworkers?
Was your answer yes to most these questions? Congratulations! You are a perfect candidate for a uBreakiFix franchise!      uBreakiFix_photoaccessorywall
Why choose a uBreakiFix smartphone repair franchise?
-Established leader in the rapidly growing electronic repair industry
-Unparalleled brand recognition and preference in the electronic repair industry
-Highest quality repair parts in the industry
-Clean, contemporary, customer friendly store environment
-Established business model and strong franchise support
-Multiple development opportunities to suit your individual needs
-Strong and experienced franchisor that’s opened and operated over 45 corporate locations BEFORE franchising, in just over 3 years!
With today’s technology advancements this industry has unlimited growth, and has yet to reach its prime. So, if you have the desire to learn something new everyday, and a passion for electronics, unlimited growth potential, then uBreakiFix is the franchise for you!

Franchise or Business Opportunity? What is the Difference?

As a franchise broker, I present both franchises and business opportunities (sometimes called “biz ops” for short) to clients.  While they have some similarities, they do have some differences.

Which is best for you, a franchise or business opportunity?  I think that depends on you, your interests, where you are in life, your experience, your investment ability, and more.

I like the way that describes the differences.  Click here to read their article.

Which is right for you? 
A franchise might appeal to you if:
  • You have limited or no experience owning a business
  • You want the benefits of a proven business model
  • You don’t want to worry about branding
  • You want to own a business and prefer guidelines/direction

A business opportunity might appeal to you if:

  • You are experienced as a business owner and need little direction
  • You have a minimal amount to invest
  • You want to utilize and prove your own business model
  • You want to build your won brand